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“In a world where the confident woman is told to "sit down" because they might be too much, Krystyna is encouraging them to stand up.”


Hi babe! I am so glad you've come across my page! I'm Krystyna, I am a WBFF fitness pro, fitness trainer & and lifestyle coach currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. I grew up dancing and competing as a competitive cheerleader most of my younger years. In my college years I kept active and in shape through competitive cheer and dance. In 2015 I moved from San Diego to Los Angeles and it was then that things had changed for me. I went through a really transitional time in my life where I wasn't putting health and fitness first, I partied way too much and I got caught up in a lifestyle that was not aligning with my goals. I was getting depressed with not only the way my body was looking, but more so how this unhealthy lifestyle was making me feel both mentally and emotionally.


It was then that a brand new UFC gym opened up down the street from my house and I took it as   a sign that it was time to make a change. The first couple times i walked in the gym i practically walked right about because i was so intimidated but I was determined to make this part of my life. I got a trainer and signed up for an event called The Challenge that the UFC gyms put on. It was designed to test your strength and endurance and with my competitive nature this was just the spark I needed. I trained for 8 weeks and competed in what was the hardest thing I've ever done and I would up WINNING the whole event! The prep for this event truly showed me what I was capable of and was the jumpstart of my fitness career. 


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From there I continued to let fitness fuel me and the love and desire to become the best version of Krystyna possible. Not to long after this event I met my now fiance, Devin. He fueled my passion even more and helped me prep to compete in the WBFF. My love for the stage fired me up and I competed in my first show as a bikini competitor in October 2018 where I was blessed enough to win my Pro Card on my first try! I then went on to compete in my first pro bikini show in April of 2019. It was at that show that we decided that my body was more fitness and we were going to work in a different direction and compete in the WBFF's fitness division.


All while this was going on I started utilizing my social media platforms to help inspire other women to not only make the decision to invest in themselves to look good, but to FEEL good from the inside out. I truly started to get enjoyment and fulfillment out of helping other women get up on their path to success, whatever that may be! I decided I wanted to turn it into a business. I wanted to help others. My goal as a coach is to help women unleash their true potential, build their confidence and become the best versions of themselves possible!

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So You Can Show Up As Your Best Self 

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